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SUMMER CAMP Marketing is Changing. Fast.

Tradition plays a huge role at camp, but when it comes to marketing, staying current in key. The days of having ONE camp video that has everything is coming to an end. Many successful camps are shifting to multiple, shorter videos that allow you to target you message and deliver valuable content to campers and parents as they choose what camp is a great fit.

Video OPtions

There’s so much information for your camp to communicate to a potential camper and parent. We’ll work with you to create a video marketing strategy that utilizes the videos that will be the most effective for your camp.


One video that highlights what your camp is all about.

Length: Up to 10 minutes

Use: Great for Home Shows or presentations where you have a captive audience. 


Horseback, Waterski, etc. A video for whichever activities you want to go more in depth with . 

Length: Up to 3 minutes

Use: Great for websites – specifically your “Activity” pages.


This is the “Why?” video. It communicates what matters most to you. 

Length: Up to 3 minutes

Use: Great for websites – specifically your “About Us” or “Mission” page. 



Will I be homesick? Will I make friends? Is the food any good? Have campers answer these questions for potential campers.

Length: Up to 3 minutes

Use: Great for email marketing and websites – specifically your “First Time Camper” page



Show campers how they’ll spend their days. What makes your program unique? 

Length: Up to 3 minutes

Use: Great for websites – specifically your “Programming” page. 


Parent’s want to know their kids are in good hands, and video can help build that trust. 

Length: Up to 2 minutes

Use: Great for websites – specifically the “About Us” page


The keyword here is energy! We can pull together overall camp highlight reels or get more topic specific. 

Length: Up to 2 minutes

Use: Great for websites, video brochures, social media, and email marketing


Creating teaser videos for social media can help drive traffic to your website. 

Length: Up to 1 minute

Use: Great for social media and social media advertising. 


Add some movement to your website with videos that reinforce the topic of a specific page. 

Length: Up to 45 seconds

Use: Great for websites and Facebook Page banner videos. 


Updating your camp brochure? Need fresh website photos?             We can also work with you to create a comprehensive shot list and deliver all the professional photography you need. 


We Are Summer Camp Video Specialists

We make sure we understand your camp’s unique story before we pick up a camera. 

This level of understanding makes sure we are creating the video content you need. From meeting with you to get to know your camp’s unique story to climbing up a rock face to get the perfect shot, we love the whole process. We’re on a mission to be the best summer camp video marketing team on the planet. 


here’s Our Team

Real Digital Productions is a full-service, award winning, media marketing company. Simply put, we love camp! Our video production team is made up of outdoor enthusiasts and former camp counselors and instructors. We’ve learned that our best work comes when we work with people who share our core values of Adventure, Growth, Wellness and Community – all common words found in many camp mission statements. Our passion for the outdoors combined with our expertise in video production leads to engaging summer camp marketing videos that get results.


Owner, Creative Director 


Project Manager 


Owner, Head Editor 


Camera Operator/Stedicam Master 



“Real Digital did a great job with their overall approach in coming up with a unique way to deliver our message. We were extremely pleased with the finished product and have really enjoyed showing it to new and returning  campers alike.  When we saw the final cut, we knew we had chosen the right people to create our camp video and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

Grant Bullard

Director, Gwynn Valley Camp

Results Matter

“I’m so impressed with the story that you told in the video. I feel that you did an outstanding job of understanding the essence of Eagle’s Nest and what makes us all so proud to work here. Every time I hear Ella say, “It makes me a better person…” I tear up. The world needs a little more love, and hearing what she and the others have to say makes me feel confident that we’re doing our part to put more into it.

THANK YOU for helping.”

– Paige Lester-Niles

Camp Director, Eagle’s Nest Camp 




We’ve worked with camps from North Carolina to Maine. We’ll drive or fly to you. We’re located in Brevard, North Carolina – about 30 minutes from the Asheville Airport.

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