Growth Stories

Why we value growth.

We feel that an important part of living is growing. Challenging yourself to always be better, smarter and kinder leads to a happier life for you and those around you. Growth doesn’t come without it’s hardships but it’s those hardships that force us to dig deep within and emerge a new version of ourselves. Working with clients in industries that inspire personal growth is a joy. We love seeing transformations and rebirths. If we can help create a marketing piece that inspires someone to take that first step, then we are honored.

Transylvania County Teacher of the Year

Working with the teachers and staff of the Transylvania County Schools is a remarkable honor that blows us away each year. We cut these videos to showcase the teachers, the classroom warriors, who shape our children’s lives. They truly help them to grow up into responsible community members.

The Outdoor Academy

The Outdoor Academy is an amazing program that teaches confidence, leadership, outdoor skills and personal growth. The accredited semester program accepts students at the 10th grade level, a truly pivotal point in their lives. Creating a video that showcases all the special aspects of the program was so fun, rewarding and the video is a great example of why we do what we do.

Warren Wilson College

The Warren Wilson 2015 commencement ceremony was a special day for so many people. Taking that step out of college and into the real world can be terrifying but these students were filled with enthusiasm and hope. Our main challenge with the outdoor setting was making sure the sound was crisp and clear.

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