Community Stories

Why we value community.

Communities, like families, come in all shapes and sizes. From large cities to small mountain towns, we all have our community of friends and family. Community members work, eat and play together. They take care of each other. We couldn’t operate and grow without a wonderful community that supports us at every turn. Our family and friends, our local community and our clients are the secret to our success. We love working with clients who serve, create, and grow communities. Whether it is planned residential communities or non-profit organizations striving to aid their community with basic needs like food, shelter and safety, we can help you grow.

United Way

We’ve worked with the United Way on several projects and we couldn’t be more honored. This non-profit serves so may in need across the globe but also right here in Transylvania and Henderson Counties. Their mission to improve education, income and health takes hard work and an endless amount of resources. The campaign video and program spotlight that we created are just a small peak into their vast activities.

Lonesome Valley

Lonesome Valley is home to a restaurant, spa and residential community. There are few places as breathtaking as this natural canyon. The family-owned land has been developed with care and with sustainable practices. What was once wild land has become home to so many.

Balsam Mountain Preserve

Producing the video for Balsam Mountain Preserve was a special project for us. It was beautiful and amazing to witness the values that hold true at Balsam Mountain Preserve. As the voiceover says, “time is a rarity” and the preserve is designed to allow you slow down and soak life in.

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