The final products they delivered were very impressive, exceeded our expectations and confirmed our initial gut feeling that this was the production company for us moving forward.
What impressed us the most was the methodical and patient approach RDP took to gain a deeper understanding of our business goals and our mission/vision. Instead of just wanting to know what we wanted to accomplish with the promotional videos we commissioned, they wanted to know Alpine Towers – almost to the point where it seemed that Alpine Towers produced the videos in house.


Matt Godfrey Alpine Towers


HEATH COWART: Creative Strategist,  Brand Storyteller


Two and a half decades ago, a decade before I touched a cinema camera,  my journey into professional photography began, sparked by a profound appreciation for the transformative power of imagery. Initially focusing on adventure sports photography for magazines and catalogs, I delved deeply into understanding how imagery can shape our lives. To me, the camera wasn’t just a tool for capturing moments; it was a medium for conveying ideas—an exploration that continued to drive me for decades.

Today, my work revolves around leveraging branded films to achieve the utmost results in line with my clients’ objectives. By melding technical expertise with a pragmatic understanding of persuasion psychology and communication theory, I take pride in crafting media that yields significant outcomes. One of the remarkable qualities of video marketing is its boundless potential for impact on organizations, and we’re committed to utilizing our experience to deliver the best possible results.

MELINDA HENDERSHOTT: Production Manager, Editor and Dog Rescuer Extraordinaire

Crafting a message, telling a story and watching the final project come together is what drives Melinda. The end of the editing process where all of the pieces finally fit together in one beautifully crafted production gives her satisfaction.

Apart from editing, Melinda wears many hats in the office. Between business and financial management, project management, scheduling and networking, she is constantly switching gears. It’s definitely the hardest part of her job but she is an integral part to the smooth operation of the office. Rarely does a project leave the office without Melinda first reviewing it. She is constantly giving feedback and asking for feedback from other RDP team members.

Melinda loves to take her dogs for mountain bike rides and finish her days with a glass of wine and a great sunset (a regular occurrence in WNC). The forests and wilderness areas around Brevard are unmatched and a necessary part of life, she says.


TUCKER, DAISY AND PETEY: Office Mascots, Comic Relief and Belly Rub Enthusiasts

They may be dogs but they are essential members of the RDP team. It wouldn’t be a day in the office without having their sweet, smiling faces to greet you. To be totally honest, their days revolve more around napping more than anything else. They play, nap, drink some water, nap, and wag their tails. 

Actually, their contribution to production is sadly lacking. We should work on that. I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re right giving feedback to Heath on his latest video project. All it takes is a little patience and a ton of treats.

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