Wellness Stories

Why we value wellness.

We must take care of ourselves so we can better take care of our friends, family and environment. Taking care of ourselves and making sure our loved ones are taken care of can seem daunting but there are so many wonderful programs available to make that process easier.¬†Wether it’s finding the right therapeutic program for your child, finally taking the time for yourself at a wellness retreat or simply remembering to go to the dentist, health is not something we can trifle with. By working with organizations and non-profits in wellness industries, we can be part of a potentially life-changing moment for someone. That moment when they decide to take action and move forward in a new and better direction.

Skyterra Wellness

Skyterra Wellness has made a name for themselves in just the first few years they’ve been open. The¬†amazing and compassionate staff of therapists that work with their clients to see long-term and sustainable change is truly inspiring. Check out how they’ve focused heavily on video as a cornerstone of their marketing strategy.

Asheville Dental Care

Dr. Robert Powell, although now retired, was constantly pushing boundaries. He was regularly the first to adopt new technologies and new techniques. Dr. Powell’s patients were trusting and loyal because he was able to better care for them.

Pardee Hospital

We worked with Allison Development Group to produce this fundraising video for Pardee Hospital. We love working with the healthcare industry because of the natural tendency toward human powered stories. In this case, those who stand behind the Cancer Center (which directly benefited from the fundraising campaign) are amazing. Their compassion and skill change lives every single day.

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