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Open to Seasonal/Part-time Work?

We hope this position will be able to grow into a year-round, possibly full-time position in the future. You must be open to growth!

Passionate about Photography and/or Video Production?

While photography and video skills aren’t necessary to join the RDP team, we hope to include someone who is passionate about and fascinated with the creative process.

Moved by Powerful Images and Stories?

We want someone to join our team who truly understands the power of an image or video.


Driven by Accomplishing a Task Well?

In other words, do you get a lot of satisfaction from completing a task to the best of your ability?

Techinically Inclined?

While not necessary to join our team, it’s a plus if you are technically inclined and willing to learn more about our equipment!

A Team Player?

We highly value team work and collaboration so definitely want to bring someone one board who enjoys working with a team.

Go with the Flow?

We sometimes work long and unpredictable hours so being able to go with the flow is absolutely a necessity!

Dog friendly?

We regularly have three awesome pups/office mascots hanging around so being comfortable around our furry four-legged friends is a must! Don’t worry, they’re all potty trained and super friendly!

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If for some reason the form above is not working, please email heath @ realdigitalproductions.com with your name, phone number, email, location, your talent (photography, video editing, etc.), and a portfolio or website if one is available.