Media Type: Documentary Style Brand Story
Client or Agency: Summit Marketing Group for AgHC
Producer: Heath Cowart
Creative Concept: Summit Marketing Group
Camera: Canon Cinema Cameras, Canon DSLRs, (DJI Ronin Handheld Stabilizer)
Editing: RDP Collaborative Editing Process on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC
Location: Henderson County

Agriculture is big business in our region, and no one knows that better than AgHC (Agribusiness Henderson County) and Henderson county. On this project we collaberated with local marketing firm, Summit Marketing, and worked side by side with their team to act out their vision. Summit wanted to show that agriculture is more than fields and crops; It’s also breweries, greenhouses and even cricket farms. The purpose of the video was to showcase the county as a very attractive place to farm and start an agriculture-based business. We produced this video as well as a variety of media to promote Henderson County and their growing Agricultural market.


Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing prefer rich content like video, so those searching for agriculture based business in the WNC area will be able to find the video through searches. The video will be on the AgHC page and was part of their 2016 marketing campaign.

Part of the Pre-Production process involved clearly defining the brand message of AgHC. Identifying your unique brand story and what it is you want to communicate through video and photography can help connect your audience to your brand and really allow you to stand out from the crowd.

This Brand Video and photographs are the ideal communication tools for their website, social media and all digital marketing efforts.

If used strategically across multiple platforms, videos can have a long lifespan. Especially if the video is used regularly in marketing efforts and posted several times across multiple channels.

Commercial Photography

Professional images for use in marketing efforts across all platforms.

Video Stills

Images pulled from video for digital marketing efforts.

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