Allison Development Group / Pardee Hospital

Flat Rock, NC

Media Type: Fundraising Video for a hospital Capital Campaign
Client or Agency: Allison Development Group
Producer: Erica Allison
Creative Concept: Allison Development Group
Camera: Canon Cinema Cameras and Canon DSLRs
Motion Graphics: Dan Hasegawa, Adobe After Affects CC
Editor: Melinda Hendershott
Location: Hendersonville, NC

When we got a chance to work with Erica Allison of Allison Development Group on a video for the Pardee Hospital foundation we were very excited for many reasons. One of the main reasons was that it gave us an opportunity to work with a very professional marketing team that has a lot of experience in crafting compelling media. Another reason was that health care is an industry that lends itself to the kind of human stories that we like to produce. Stories with meaning, depth and purpose. What we did not know was how much we were going to learn and how we would be touched by the stories from the cancer survivors we met.

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