Brevard Philharmonic

Brevard, NC

Media Type: Brand Story
Client or Agency: Brevard Philharmonic Board of Directors
Producer: Heath CowartMelinda Hendershott
Creative Concept: RDP Concept Design Process
Camera: Canon Cinema Cameras and Canon DSLRs
Editing: RDP Collaborative Editing Process on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC
Location: Brevard, Western North Carolina

Brevard has a great philharmonic orchestra and this is no secret to the area’s classical music patrons. When we met with board member and violinist, Kristine Candler, in the spring of 2014, we knew very little about the orchestra or even classical music. She was probably wondering how a video production company could help them increase their donor base and ticket sales. So we started an inquiry into the orchestra’s goals, its supporters, its strengths and its challenges. We call these inquires “Discovery Sessions” and they are the first step in the RDP Concept Design Process. Discovery sessions are best described as a structured analysis designed to unlock the core persuasive messages that can later be integrated into a video communication. We used the notes from this discussion to create a proposal that outlined a video project communicating their core value propositions.



SEO:  Google and other search engines rank video very highly so people interested in classical music will be able to find the video on searches. In addition to this you will find the video prominently on their webpage and Facebook page.
Brand Message: Part of the preproduction process involved helping define the brand story of the Brevard Philharmonic. This is like finding the very best version of your story and then making it available to the world.
Marketing and sales tool: Videos can be great for fund raising and connecting with the community.
Lifespan: A video like this one can be a valuable asset to the Brevard Philharmonic for many years. If needed the project can be updated with new content at a later date.

“We met with Heath Cowart with no idea of what Real Digital Productions could do for Brevard Philharmonic, only that we wanted BP to have a stronger digital presence.  Heath and the RDP staff guided us through the process of determining our message, offered suggestions, and made our time together not only conveniently comfortable, but exciting, too!   Our final product is a shining example of how RDP can listen, discern and craft a message that results in a praise-worthy video that has exceeded our wildest expectations!  This video, in its attention to detail, will serve Brevard Philharmonic for years – and we thank Real Digital Productions for it!”

Carole Futrelle President, Brevard Philharmonic Board of Directors

Brevard Philharmonic Board of Directors

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