The Fitzgerald at Grove Park

Asheville, NC

The Fitzgerald at Grove Park

The Fitzgerald at the Grove Park Inn stands out as one of the most unique community videos we have ever created. Working closely with the marketing team at Beverly-Hanks and associates and following a tightly written preproduction plan as well as superb project management allowed us to shoot and deliver this project in a fraction of the time that most projects require.



SEO:  Google and other search engines love video so people interested in the Asheville area will be able to find the video on searches.

Brand Message: Part of the preproduction process involved defining the brand message of The Fitzgerald.  The Beverly-Hanks marketing team created a highly detailed analysis of our target audience. When put into video it helped capture the attention of buyers who were a good fit.

Marketing and sales tool: When the video was complete it was shown in the lobby of the Grove Park inn and on televisions in the rooms.  In addition to that the video was embedded into the MLS listings for buyers and buyers agents to see.

Lifespan: A video like this one can be a valuable asset to the community for many years.


The collaborative process with Real Digital Productions was instrumental in bringing our creative vision to life. Heath was able to suggest practical cost effective solutions to production challenges. The final product’s ability to engage the targeted audience was instrumental in the development’s sales success. Our team is looking forward to partnering with RDP soon.

Michael Phelan

Vice President of Marketing, Beverly-Hanks and associates

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