Media Type: Brand Story
Client: SylvanSport
Location: Brevard, NC
Producer: Heath Cowart
Camera: Canon Cinema Cameras and Canon DSLRs

Working with an industry leader, SylvanSport.

Working with our neighbor, SylvanSport, was a joy. Tom Dempsey, president and founder of the camping trailer giant, is a true leader in the outdoor retailer world. Their story is also one we greatly respect. Tom’s commitment to sourcing his materials as locally as possible, high manufacturing standards and love of the outdoors demands respect. This video details the construction of the the SylvanSport GO camper trailer while telling you a little about the flexibility of the trailer. It was fun to shoot and we really enjoyed filming in the SylvanSport plant.


Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing prefer rich content like video so those searching for RVs or campers in the WNC area will be able to find the video on searches. The video is on the SylvanSport webpage and was a part of their 2016 marketing strategy.

Part of the pre-production process involved defining the brand message of SylvanSport. Identifying your unique brand story can help connect your audience to your brand and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

These videos are wonderful tools for their website, social media and any other digital marketing efforts.

If used strategically across multiple platforms, videos can have a long lifespan. Especially if the video is used regularly in marketing efforts and posted several times across multiple channels.

How-to Videos

Set-up videos for the SylvanSport website to demonstrate the ease of using the camping trailer.

Video Stills

Images pulled from video for digital marketing efforts.

Link to Sylvan Sport main page

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