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You know how important social media is to today’s marketing professional or even to the small business owner wearing every hat. So often, the idea of creating content becomes so overwhelming that any marketing efforts stall. Let us do the work for you. Whether we grab stills or shorter clips from a brand story video as an add-on service, shoot video specifically for social media applications or take beautiful professional photographs that you can proudly use again and again, we’re here to help you break out of that rut and into marketing success!

Check out a few examples of video produced by our team that were used in social media promotions. Let us know what you think!


We created a video that was about seven minutes long to highlight the camp’s unique brand story. Since that video was too long for typical social media applications, we also created a teaser video to draw the audience to the Eagle’s Nest Camp website and watch the entire video. Both forms of the video met huge success.



The Pisgah Forest Rotary Club wanted us to create videos to promote their annual fund raising bike ride called “The Assault on the Carolinas”.  They want to raise the level of sponsorship and community participation.  We created a series of 6 sponsor profile videos so viewers could understand the benefits of sponsorship from those who have first hand experience.

Client Example: Beverly-Hanks & Associates

When Beverly-Hanks & Associates wanted to create a monthly video lifestyle magazine we teamed up with their marketing department to produce over a dozen productions covering everything from hiking to the arts. Their message, “Real Estate is about so much more than four walls and a roof” is conveyed monthly via social media and their website to potential clients.

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