A healthy marketing campaign centered around video.

The team at Skyterra Wellness needed an intelligent, deliberate marketing strategy that brought results immediately. They were selling a brand new concept and business model in Western North Carolina, an hour outside of Asheville. Without a history of success, this can be very difficult. Creatively using video in many different aspects of their marketing (see below) has allowed them to engage with their audience and potential clients. From website content to social advertising, their use of video led to a very successful opening season. We have truly enjoyed being a part of their success and have continued to enjoy creating valuable content. This coordinated marketing campaign started with a brand story video and testimonial videos. Most recently, we cut a beautiful holiday video and a new year resolution video for their seasonal marketing. We’re excited about the orientation video and staff profiles that will be completed this spring.

The Skyterra way is very unique in its authenticity and compassion. Many of Skyterra’s clients are middle aged and ready to make a change for a healthier lifestyle. Their philosophy is about learning to put yourself first to create lasting and meaningful change. You understand by watching the videos that the counselors and therapists want to work on a deeper, more connected level. They don’t believe in simply prescribing diets and watching the scale. The Skyterra team is brimming with world-class health coaches in a world-class setting. Check out the videos below to see what we mean.

“Skyterra has been working with RDP even prior to our facility opening in June of 2016. Skyterra has had significant earnings in our first 90 days and we contribute much of our early success to the collaboration and market driven focused video production that RDP offers. Thus, as Skyterra continues to grow at a rapid pace, we will continue to rely heavily on RDP in efforts to support the local economy and boost their local business platform.”
Bill Bennett

Director of Creative Engagement, Skyterra Wellness

Media Type: Coordinated Media Campaign
Client or Agency: Skyterra Wellness
Producer: Heath Cowart, Bill Bennett
Creative Concept: RDP Concept Design Process
Camera: Canon Cinema Cameras, Canon DSLRs (steadycam), DJI Quadcopters: 4k drone footage
Editing: RDP Collaborative Editing Process on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC
Location: Lake Toxaway, NC

Make sure to review the wide range of video types RDP has produced for Skyterra Wellness. Video offers an unparalleled versatility over many other marketing mediums.


Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing prefer rich content like video so those searching for weightloss or wellness centers in the WNC area will be able to find the video on searches. The video will be on the Skyterra Wellness homepage and is also a part of their current marketing campaign.
Part of the pre-production process involved finetuning the SkyTerra Wellness message. Identifying your unique brand story can help connect your audience to your brand and allow you to stand out from the crowd.
These videos are wonderful tools for their website, social media and any other digital marketing efforts.
If used strategically across multiple platforms, videos can have a long lifespan. Especially if the video is used regularly in marketing efforts and posted several times across multiple channels.

Seasonal Marketing Videos

Changing seasons allow for new opportunities to reach your audience. Here, Skyterra used the holidays to reach potential clients facing a stressful few weeks and then again after the new year to reach those looking to start the new year on healthier footing.

Skyterra Stories: Testimonial Videos

These shorter testimonial videos offer a way for prospective clients to get to know the Skyterra philosophy through the eyes of a current client. Watching the transformations is a great way build trust and form relationships with your viewers.

Staff Profiles and Orientation Videos

Check back soon for completed videos! We’re busy in the editing room making amazing profile videos and a comprehensive orientation video for new guests. 


Images pulled from video for video marketing efforts.

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